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Corporate Services

Enterprise Health: A complete employee health solution


We bring healthcare to where your employees are - via on-site recoup clinics, via tele-health & via co-branded Recoup Health App. 

Convenience of employees, saving time and greater compliance. Some workers with WRMSD simply do not engage in long-term therapies, such as physiotherapy, or do not seek treatment outside of work, increasing the rates of presenteeism (the problem of workers' being on the job but not fully functioning because of illness such as WRMSD, leading to huge productivity losses).

Doctor and Patient
Primary Healthcare Clinic

Make it easy for employees to get the care they need - and without taking time away from work. 

We provide digital and onsite clinic operations to include primary care, urgent care, chronic disease management and health and wellness services.

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Engineers and Businesspeople
Occupational Health Clinic

Workplace-based early rehabilitation of WRMSDs contributes to lower rates of absenteeism, and employees acknowledge its importance. 

We help streamline a wide variety of occupational health programs — from health surveillance and injury, illness and incident management to travel consults and mass immunization programs — and simplifies compliance tracking, management and reporting.

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Employee Engagement

Give the tools to your employees to stay health - and easily connect with clinical staff from the comfort of their phone, computer on on-site clinics. 

Our toolsets make it easy for your employees to interact with clinical staff and provide electronic access to information they can use to improve personal and family health and wellness.

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