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Occupational Health Clinic

Workers with Safety Vests

Build an occupational health  program that keeps your employees compliant, healthy and on the job

Our occupational health solution includes medical screening to monitor and manage employee health. 

Our digital toolsets for health monitoring make managing occupational health and safety, compliance and immunizations straightforward. The system will track, set-up, document and report on required audiometry, pulmonary function, vision, respirator fit and other medical surveillance screening exams, while self-service portals prompt employee engagement and drive employees to complete pre-exam questionnaires. Responses then automatically populate appropriate fields and document in the clinical application to minimize data entry and management for employee clinic staff.


The employer portal offers supervisors an “anytime” look at employee health surveillance panel status to better plan for absences and decertifications. This includes role-based fitness determination, case management related to work certification and coordination of orders and results.


Upon completion of a health surveillance encounter, data automatically updates employee status across the occupational health and safety solution giving everyone the information they need to track and manage compliance.



  • Increase confidence that compliance requirements are met by reducing manual tracking and human intervention

  • Reduce phone calls to schedule, confirm, reschedule and remind for appointments

  • Decrease the likelihood an employee will fail to get required tests and exams

  • Increase visibility of employees who are at risk for decertification

  • Easily generate and produce proof of notification and completion for regulatory exams

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