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Primary Health Clinic

Doctor and Patient

Expand your employee health offering with primary care

Employees who are ill lose time at work or are less productive on the job, and those battling chronic conditions are more likely to suffer worksite injuries. Keeping your population healthy and well is a strategic imperative, and extending your occupational health and safety solution to include primary care and condition management provides employees access to healthcare when they need it — without having to take time away from work to visit a separate physician or clinic.



  • Manage occupational health and safety and clinical care in a single solution that eliminates the need to maintain and access multiple applications

  • Make information more valuable and actionable with aggregated, accessible and visible data 

  • Electronically capture data from simple clinical encounters for employees with minor illnesses

  • Order lab tests and e-prescribe medications within the visit template to enable employees to exit the clinic and head back to work

  • Help employees manage chronic diseases using health surveillance functionality to enroll employees with diabetes, hypertension and other conditions in panels that track and manage required exams, tests, and therapeutic programs

  • Engage employees in health and wellness programs that contribute to enhanced productivity through employee portals

  • Collect risk assessment information, connect employees to other resources and track and manage wellness program participation

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