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A 6-week holistic program that works with you to 
transition towards a smoking-free life. 

Embark on a life-affirming journey.

What happens when you quit?

About 20 minutes after 
your last cigarette, your 
heart rate and blood 
pressure start to drop

A mere 24 hours later, nicotine levels in your blood will drop to zero

In the next few days, carbon monoxide levels in your blood will drop

to normal

Continue to stay strong 
because in between the 
first and the twelfth 
month, your coughing 
and shortness of breath 
will decrease

In about 10-15 years, your 
risk of lung cancer falls to 
about half that of a 
smoker. Risk of cancers 
of the bladder, 
esophagus, and kidney 

In 5-10 years, your susceptibility to cancers of the mouth, throat, and voice box drop by half. Your risk of stroke will also decrease.

Between your 3rd and 
6th nicotine-and - tobacco-free year, risk

of heart attack and coronary heart disease will drop sharply

After 1 year, your risk of coronary heart disease is about half that of a smoker.

*Reduced risks refer to quitting in comparison to continued use

There is no time like the present. #QuitToday

About the Program

An integrated approach to quitting that addresses physical, mental, behavioral, 
and nutritional aspects. Here is what you can expect in each week

Week 1

Getting started is half the battle

  • Gaining an understanding of our starting point. This includes lab investigations, testing lung capacity, and checking other vitals and blood pressure.

  • A walkthrough of what to expect over the next few weeks and a care kit including incentive spirometer, pulse oximeter, to-do list, handouts, etc.)

  • Building healthy nutrition, movement, and breathing exercises into our daily practice

  • A Wellness talk on overall physical and psychological well-being

  • Gaining social support

Week 2


  • Nutritional interventions like mindful eating and building a nutrient dense diet 

  • Psychological interventions 

  • Health Coaching to provide added support 

  • A Wellness talk on Respiratory wellness 

  • Counseling in individual and group containers

Week 3


  • Ramping up on activities that take place in week 2 

  • Continuing new behaviors and observing roadblocks

  • Added physical activities of strength training

  • A Wellness talk on Lifestyle Medicine 

  • Continued counseling and coaching follow-ups for added support

Week 4

Building coping strategies

  • Mid-program assessments for symptoms and lung capacity

  • Consultations (hybrid or online) on results and path forward

  • Individualized exercise therapy

  • A Wellness talk on Curbing Cravings

  • Sound/Music Therapy and other healing interventions

Week 5

Gaining resilience

  • Check on lung capacity along with breathing exercises 

  • Webinar on building resilience 

  • Continued physical movement, nutrition, and psychological interventions 

  • A Wellness talk on building resilience 

  • Coaching follow-ups for added support

Week 6

Looking back AND forward

  • Continued support in the form of physical movement, nutrition, and psychological interventions throughout the week. 

  • Physician consultations - even after the 6th week

  • A Wellness talk on a continued successful journey

  • Reviewing progress

  • Walking through sustaining new behaviors forward​

Event Information

Start Date

07 June, 2023


Bengaluru + Online


+91 76-7649-9396

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