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About Us

About Recoup Health

Welcome to healthcare the way it should be. A doctor focused on preventing heart attacks and cancer, and not just treating your rash. We offer preventative and long-term healthcare. With the patient at the centre, attention is on the roots of disease & cure is with lifestyle as the foundation.

The foundation of our work comes from over 35 years of primary research in our research hospital and network of global clinics. The research hospital develops evidence-based treatment, leveraging state of art diagnostics and long-term care plan that is personalized for each patient. Our network of clinics globally allows clinicians to be available near you and virtually available when you need them. 

We also run an advanced certification center that trains & certifies both clinicians and patients on the latest & advanced treatment options. This allows not only for clinicians to diagnose the root-cause of illness, but also to design a personalized treatment plan that works for each patient's individual situation. 

Providing you with the best care

Dr. Deepak Sharan

Chief Medical Director & Chief Science Officer, 
Recoup Health Inc. 

The treatment you receive is based upon Dr. Deepak Sharan's research spanning 35 years. Dr Sharan is an Orthopedic Surgeon who strongly believes in finding and treating illness from it's root-cause. This is often an equal partnership between diagnosing the root-cause, developing long-term & personalized treatment and patient's own efforts. 


Read about Dr Sharan's core philosophy that is the foundation of Recoup Health here.


Dr. Sharan is both a clinician and researcher and has published extensively. He is presently serving as the Chairperson of the Scientific Committee on Musculoskeletal Disorders at the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH). In this role Dr Sharan is working closely with associated organizations of UN, WHO and ILO to define the next focus of global scientific research, training & education of professionals & experts, developing guidelines, tools, pilot projects and global surveys regarding MSDs. 

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To request Dr. Sharan to speak at your event here.

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