Chronic Pain & Fatigue

Find long-lasting relief from chronic
pain through root-cause care

Chronic Pain

Our interdisciplinary team of physicians uses evidence-based practices to treat the triggers at the root of your musculoskeletal pain. So you enjoy effective relief and lasting health.

Why Recoup

Physician-led Care

For evidence-based care that is guided by our highly qualified and experienced doctors.

Advanced Diagnostics

So that we identify the root causes of your health condition and reach a precise diagnosis, swiftly.

Interdisciplinary Team

To get a well-rounded perspective on your health condition so that your care plan is precise and gets you real results.

Health Coaches

To ensure that you have consistent support, guidance, & motivation to meet your health goals.

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    In India,64% of professionals report chronic pain and many feel pain management is the only option.

    But a root-cause focused care plan has shown far better outcomes brings leading to lasting relief and fewer side effects.

    Chronic Pain Conditions

    Our team devises customized treatment regimens to reduce inflammation, repair damage, optimize biomechanics, prevent injury recurrence through lifestyle changes, and improve functionality. Treatment may involve physical therapy, stress reduction techniques and dietary changes to nourish you from the root up.

    Osteoarthritis, back and neck pain,
repetitive strain injuries, and more.

    Joint cartilage breakdown leading to mobility issues, constant aches and loss of independence.

    Myofascial Pain Syndrome​

    Trigger points create painful muscle knots and spasms that make daily movement difficult.


    Whole body pain, exhaustion and brain fog that disrupts normal functioning.


    Intense repetitive strain injuries that make everyday tasks agonizing.

    Headache & Orofacial Pain

    Debilitating migraines, facial pain and headaches leading to disruption of quality of life.

    Abdominal & Pelvic Pain

    Recurring stomach/intestinal distress or chronic pelvic pain that hinders everyday activities.

    Neuropathic Pain

    Burning, shooting pains and numbness caused
    by nerve damage.

    Rheumatoid Arthritis

    A chronic inflammatory disorder that causes extremely painful joint damage and loss of mobility.

    The Recoup Approach

    We help patients suffering from chronic pain identify the underlying causes and provide tailored treatment plans to significantly reduce pain and restore quality of life. Our unique integrative 4R approach includes mind-body practices, physiotherapy,  nutritional therapies, and other minimally invasive and integrated modalities that are personalized to your needs.


    We provide effective relief from your pain through targeted therapies, addressing inflammation and movement. You’ll also gain self-care skills to better control pain triggers on your own.

    Root-cause Reversal

    Our interdisciplinary care team uses advanced diagnostics to uncover the root cause that is aggravating pain and causing imbalances in your body.


    We restore imbalances through personalized interventions, targeting lifestyle factors, nutritional, and hormonal to optimize your overall well-being.


    We guide you towards longevity and sustainable health by restoring and rejuvenating the body’s natural functions while also minimizing illness recurrence.

    The Way to Health

    We dig deeper to reveal the factors fuelling your ill health – whether structural, inflammatory, nutritional, hormonal, or other core imbalances. Our in-depth approach provides longer-lasting solutions instead of temporary symptomatic relief.



    Hear from our global clients on how interdisciplinary root-cause based treatment changed their lives


    At Recoup, we treat every health concern using our unique care philosophy.

    What is chronic pain?

    When you feel pain regularly for more than 3 months, beyond the time tissue repair happens, it is classified as chronic pain.

    How will my pain reduce or go away?

    Our expert team of physicians, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and psychologists, use a combination of pain management techniques to help manage pain. Care plans are deeply personalized as each person feels pain in different ways and due to different factors.

    I take medications for chronic pain, why do I need to sign up?

    Most people who complain of chronic pain have more than one type of pain. If you have been taking medicines for a long time, you already know that it has significant side effects and the body develops a tolerance for it. People who employ a variety of different techniques to manage pain, including lifestyle changes and addressing core imbalances, report pain relief for longer durations with fewer side effects.

    I've tried many treatments before without success. How will Recoup Health's approach be different?

    We thoroughly assess all potential contributors to design a personalized, integrative plan. Our goal is to resolve root dysfunction for lasting pain relief rather than temporary fixes.